Welcome from the Chair

The department of mathematics at Shiraz University of Technology was established in May 2006 as one of the basic science groups in order to do activity in different fields of society applications. From the beginning, this department admitted MSc students and after the expansion of the department, PhD students are also admitted in 2011.

Department Continuous Activates:

Department Continuous Activates includes holding professional seminars, half-day annual conference with math, Math day celebrations, sending student teams to tournament operations research students, continues company of students in National-Specialized conferences.

Department future plans:

Department future plans include setting up computer science major in bachelor degree, financial mathematics in bachelor degree and Master’s degree and decision sciences and knowledge engineering in Master’s degree. Regarding to knowledge localization it has been started off department activities and has achieved results, among them can be mentioned to activates undertaken in fields of location, medical sciences ,financial mathematics, traffics issues and public and road transport.