Welcome from the Chair

Born in the late 19th century, industrial engineering is a dynamic profession whose evolution has been fueled by the challenges and requirements product and service management within the centuries afterward. In Iran, as a developing country having numerous industrial and service sectors that are ever growing, there an uncontroversial demand for industrial engineers to conduct the resources in the most efficient and effective manner.

In fact, Industrial engineering is the branch of engineering concerned with the management and optimization of processes, systems, or organizations. Undergraduate program concludes specialized courses in areas such as optimization, applied probability, stochastic modeling, and design of experiments, statistical process control, simulation, manufacturing engineering, ergonomics/safety engineering, and engineering economics. In the graduate Level, students come to know about more specialized topics in areas such as manufacturing systems, supply chains and logistics, non-linear programming, non-parametric statistics and etc…

The Department of Industrial Engineering at Shiraz University of Technology was founded in 2011.  Our program offers both graduate and under-graduate levels titled “Systems Optimization in M.Sc.” and “Industrial and System Engineering in B.Sc.”

The department curriculum has been organized in order to provide students with the skills required by modern industrial engineers, such as planning and utilization of systems for controlling production, inventory, quality or cost as well as facility planning, manpower utilization and work measurement and operations research.