Picardie Jules Verne University delegates visited Shiraz University of Technology

Delegates from Picardie Jules Verne University under the supervision of Professor Fabrice Wallois attended the meeting with the chancellor of the university, Professor Moghadasi, the vice-chancellor for research affairs, Dr. Rouzegar, the head of international relations office, Dr. Rahideh, the dean of electrical and electronics engineering department, Dr. Kamran Kazemi and two academic members of the department of electrical and electronics engineering, Dr. Helfroush and Dr. Danyali on April 22, 2017. Professor Wallois is a well-known scientist in the field of premature infants and babies brain activities. He is also responsible for Insem U 1105 and the founder of GRAMFC research team.

In this meeting, the discussions focused on the exchange of academic members and PhD students between the two universities and also joint research projects and joint thesis for postgraduate students.

Professor Wallois presented a lecture on “the effect of brain model obtained from images on the allocation problem of electrical sources due to infant brain activities” for the academic members and students at the department of electrical and electronics engineering.