Trilateral Collaboration Supported by DAAD (2014-2017)

German-Iranian-Jordanian cooperation to improve the connection of the technical universities with the industry (CICTI)

DAAD is the German Academic Exchange Service which provides wide range of scholarships for University professors and students. It also supports the international cooperation between German and other worldwide universities.

In this respect a joint proposal entitled “German-Iranian-Jordanian cooperation to improve the connection of the technical universities with the industry (CICTI)” could successfully get DAAD approval and financial support. The purpose of this project was establishment of a dialogue between higher education institutes from different cultural worlds who share more or less the same research interests, manufacturing, industrial and mechanical engineering. The partners of the program, were Furtwangen University from Germany, German-Jordanian University from Jordan and Shiraz University of Technology from Iran.

The dialogue was focused beyond the technical and scientific issues, and considered three cultural and regional points and their causes and effects. The main goal of the program was improving the connection and relationship between university and industry. This program which was started in 2014 and ended in 2017, had three main themes: 1) Role of the contact with the industry in improving engineering careers, 2) Education system variations and 3) Women participation in academy and industry.

Prof. Dr. Bahman Azarhoushang (from Furtwangen University, Germany), Dr. Alireza Mokhtar (from Shiraz University of Technology, Iran) and Dr. Iyas Khader (from German-Jordanian University, Jordan) were the main establishers of the program. During these three years several workshops, lectures, cultural and industrial tours were held in Germany, Iran, and Jordan. Other participants of the project from Shiraz University of Technology were Dr. Delara Mohammad-Aghaie, Dr. Jafar Rouzegar and Dr. Morteza Kazemi. Also several MSc and PhD students were participated in different parts of this project.

Detailed information about this project can be found on the Furtwangen University webpage, in the international projects section, under the title: “University Dialogue with the Islamic World”.