Scientific presentation on environmental tracers in hydrology and climate change by Dr. Klove from Oulu University

Delegates from Oulu University under the supervision of Dr. Klove visited Shiraz University of Technology on March 2017. They held a workshop and several seminars in Shiraz University of Technology, focusing on environmental tracers in hydrology and climate change. Several state organizations which are responsible for water and environment in Fars province took part in these presentations. The delegates from Oulo University also attended the meeting with the chancellor of the university, Professor Moghadasi, the vice-chancellor for research affairs, Dr. Rouzegar, the head of international relations office, Dr. Rahideh, the dean of civil and environmental engineering department, Dr. Binesh and two academic members of the department of civil and environmental engineering, Dr. Hekmatzadeh and Dr. Rahnema. In this meeting, the discussions focused on joint research cooperation and the exchange of academic members and graduate students between two universities.

Oulu University is one the prominent universities in Finland with 16000 students and 3000 staffs.