Thermo-Fluids Engineering

The Thermo-Fluids Group of MAE specialises in the fundamental understanding of thermodynamics, heat transfer and fluid dynamics. The academic staff are actively involved in teaching, research and consultancies by focusing on not only fundamental studies but also the associated technological innovations and the practical applications. Fluid mechanics laboratory and high performance computing centre are the most active research laboratories in this department however there are many other experimental measurement tools such as gas analyser, thermo-vision camera and multifunction energy meter which are not belong to these two laboratories but used extensively in different projects in this department. Therefore, there is a great potential to do the research projects with experimental, numerical, and analytical approaches to analyse thermal and fluid dynamics problems.
Computational fluid dynamics; Turbulence simulation; Micro and Nano fluid dynamics; Marin engineering; Ocean wave mechanics; Bio-fluid/structure interaction; Applied heat transfer and thermodynamics; Combustion and emissions; Fuels and lubricants; Heating, ventilation and air conditioning; Renewable energy technologies (wind, ocean, solar and geothermal energy technologies); Sustainable power generation and sustainable energy utilisation; Thermal energy storage system; Integration energy system