Mechatronic & Measurement Lab.

The Mechatronics Lab offers the state of the art research and experimental setups to learn and enjoy the field of mechatronics. Modern society depends on mechatronic systems extensively. From intelligent appliances to safety features in cars such as air bags, antilock brakes, etc.The term “mechatronics” was first used by Yasakawa Electric Company more than 40 years ago to refer to the use of electronics in mechanical control (i.e. ‘mecha’ from mechanical engineering and ‘tronics’ from electrical or electronics engineering). Today, it’s generally defined as study concerned with the design, selection, analysis, and control of intelligent machines that combine mechanical elements with electronics components, including computers and or/microcontrollers.

The Mechatronics Lab of MAE is coordinated by Dr. Alireza  Tavakolpour.